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Hayley Atwell plays Margaret Schlegel in BBC One’s new adaptation of Howards End. She talks corsets with Georgia Humphreys It’s been nearly 25 years since Emma Thompson won an Oscar for the role of Margaret Schlegel in film Howards End. And now it’s Hayley Atwell’s turn to take on the pioneering character in a new, […]

Hayley Atwell believes many British period dramas are too “stiff” and says she is delighted that her character in Howards End is not another “damsel in distress”. The actress, 35, also revealed she sought advice from Emma Thompson, who won an Oscar for playing the same role — Margaret Schlegel — in the 1992 film […]

Hayley Atwell may be best known for starring in superhero fare such as Agent Carter and Avengers: Age of Ultron, but in Starz and BBC One’s forthcoming adaptation of Howards End, she plays Margaret Schlegel, the chief protagonist of E.M Forster’s classic novel. Atwell, speaking at the premiere of the four-part drama in London, said […]

For the new issue of the Idler, says Tom Hodgkinson, I went to interview the lovely Hayley Atwell to talk about playing the role of Margaret Schlegel in the new BBC adaptation of EM Forster’s Howards End. Here are a few highlights. Why Hayley ditched Twitter and Facebook Tom Hodgkinson: Tell us about your attitude […]

Actress Hayley Atwell, best known for her onscreen role as Peggy Carter in the Marvel Universe, stopped by Baltimore Comic-Con for the first time to greet fans of her work. Atwell co-starred in Captain America: The First Avenger, and continued her role as Peggy Carter in two seasons of ABC’s Agent Carter. It’s a character […]

ABC’s Agent Carter is on a new mission (Tuesdays at 9/8c) — one that has improbably paired a mysteriously frozen woman with sunshiney, avocado-loving Hollywood. Already in her travels out West, Peggy has awkwardly reunited with new SSR chief Daniel Sousa, reignited her banter with Howard Stark’s manservant Jarvis (as well as met her stoic […]

The highly anticipated return of Marvel’s Agent Carter debuts tonight and we’re currently counting down the minutes until our next adrenaline-pumping mission, but this time in a brand new setting. Peggy, Jarvis and the rest of our beloved SSR agents are headed to the West Coast in season two to fight crime and corruption amid […]

This January the Marvel Universe made history with the introduction of ABC’s Agent Carter – the first high-profile Marvel project to be headlined by a female lead. Fans were quickly captivated by Agent Peggy Carter and Company’s adventures and ABC was wise enough to renew the breakout series for a second season. While Season Two is still, sadly, months […]