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I added more new stills of Hayley Atwell from Agent Carter Season 2 to the gallery and also 2 new promotional photos so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

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“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > Photoshoot
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×07 – Monsters (Episode Stills)
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×05 – The Atomic Job (Episode Stills)

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I added tons of captures of Hayley Atwell from Agent Carter Season 2: Episode 3.

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“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > Sceencaptures > 2×03 – Better Angels (Captures)

I added a few more stills from Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 4 to the gallery so, go there to take a look.

Gallery Link:
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×04 – Smoke & Mirrors (Episode Stills)

Well…I can’t think on what to do…I really don’t want to close this site because I love what I do…But things are not the same now. I lost my job almost a year ago and I am spending a lot of money that I haven’t to bring you all the best photos here. Don’t know what to do….Any comments will be more than appreciated

ABC’s Agent Carter is on a new mission (Tuesdays at 9/8c) — one that has improbably paired a mysteriously frozen woman with sunshiney, avocado-loving Hollywood.

Already in her travels out West, Peggy has awkwardly reunited with new SSR chief Daniel Sousa, reignited her banter with Howard Stark’s manservant Jarvis (as well as met her stoic sidekick’s bubbly missus) and made the acquaintance of the dashing Dr. Jason Wilkes. Alas, the latter soon enough met a to-be-revealed fate after both he and movie star Whitney Frost had a nasty run-in with some ominous “zero matter.”

Here, series lead Hayley Atwell sizes up Peggy’s new female foil, evaluates the elite agent’s lacking love life and teases a venom-fueled face-off with a surprising someone.

TVLINE | Coming out of Season 1, what was on your “wish list” for Season 2?
More humor and romance, and maybe a glimpse into Peggy’s childhood — and we got all of that. I feel like I need a writing credit! [Laughs] We established the tone in Season 1, we established the key characters, we’d gotten Peggy to a point with that final line, “I know my value,” and she was able to move on from the grief of losing Steve — and in the meantime made a couple of new friends. So I think the second season, setting it in L.A., is brilliant because it gives us this total kind of change in color and brightness, that this is a woman who is no longer in mourning. And then we see all the friendships coming back, her and Howard, her and Jarvis in particular, and that’s really where a lot of the comedy lies.

TVLINE | The Peggy/Jarvis dynamic must be so much fun for you, because the interplay is so entertaining.
That’s really lovely to say because we really love working together. I’ve known James D’Arcy and I’ve known Dominic Cooper (who plays Howard Stark) nearly my entire career — which is only 10 years, but 10 years is a long time — and we’re very comfortable with each other, we know the buttons to press, how to keep each other on our toes. That means we’re a lot more willing to open up and try new things and play on set, and I do hope that fun comes across.

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I added captures from Agent Carter Season 2 Episode 2 to the gallery. More are coming!

Gallery Link:
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > Sceencaptures > 2×02 – A View in the Dark (Captures)