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Oct 13, 16   admin   0 Comment

When ABC cancelled Agent Carter, it was a sad day for us all, mostly because it was one less place we could see Hayley Atwell own it as Peggy Carter. Then the character passed away in Captain America: Civil War and it seemed like we were well and truly done with ever seeing Peggy again. […]

Jul 31, 16   admin   0 Comment

Finally, I got the time to screencaps all the episodes of Agent Carter: Season 2. I still need to capture the Season 1 but I need a few time to do. You can go to take a look to all the new episodes captured. Gallery Links: — 2×10 – Hollywood Ending (Captures) — 2×09 – […]

Jun 22, 16   admin   0 Comment

Netflix’s “Agent Carter” series may have been dropped from the roster but there is hope. Peggy Carter may just come back in Marvel Cinematic Universe. While her character is already dead in the recent “Captain America: Civil War” movie, Hayley Atwell’s character still plays a major role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly, in origins […]

Jun 22, 16   admin   0 Comment

Hayley Atwell isn’t giving up on Agent Carter just yet. During an appearance at MegaCon in Orlando, Florida on Saturday, the actress said she is “100 percent” committed to playing Peggy Carter in any possible revival of the Marvel show, which ABC canceled in May. And even though Atwell stars in ABC’s upcoming legal drama […]

May 27, 16   admin   0 Comment

Disney and Netflix have just worked out a deal that gives the streaming site exclusive access to their catalog starting in September. That means if you subscribe to an online streaming service, you won’t be seeing The Lion King, any of the Star Wars films, or the likes of the Avengers anywhere else. This also […]

May 16, 16   admin   0 Comment

Marvel fans are calling on Netflix to save the ABC series Agent Carter, which was canceled this past week. All five major networks made big headlines this past week as they brought the axe down on some beloved TV shows. But perhaps Marvel fans have been most outspoken following the news that ABC has canceled […]

Apr 24, 16   admin   0 Comment

Hayley Atwell is astoundingly famous on the Internet for her portrayal of Peggy Carter. From Twitter to Facebook, everyone is clamoring for an Agent Carter season 3 announcement. Unfortunately, no matter how strong the internet loves a celebrity, online raves just aren’t enough to save certain shows. It happened with Firefly and it might happen to Agent Carter, because the sad […]

Mar 18, 16   admin   0 Comment

I added some new photos of Hayley Atwell from Agent Carter Season 2: Behind the Scenes to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy! Gallery Link: — “Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > Behind the Scenes