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Oct 18, 16   admin   0 Comment

I added more new promotional shoots of Hayley Atwell for ‘Conviction’. You can go to the gallery to take a look. Gallery Link: — Conviction (2016-) > Promotionals

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I added 20 HQ stills of Hayley Atwell to the gallery so, go there to take a look and enjoy! Gallery Link: — 1×02 – Bridge and Tunnelvision (Episode Stills)

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Hayley Atwell discusses her new drama series Conviction and why she wanted to be a part of the show, her character “Hayes Morrison”, and what makes her character relatable. Conviction premieres Monday October 3rd on ABC.

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I am so excited, Conviction will air next 3 October and I can’t wait to see the first episode. I added 39 HQ episode stills with Hayley to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look. Hayley looks beautiful! Gallery Link: — Conviction (2016-) > 1×01 – Pilot (Episode Stills)

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I added some new HQ promotionals of Hayley Atwell for Conviction. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos. Gallery Link: — Conviction (2016-) > Promotionals

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Before the series can even have air its first episode, there has already been a change in the cast that will affect the long term outlook of the show. Conviction is about the daughter of a former president that is one of the major players in law, and is a by the book person. She […]

May 24, 16   admin   0 Comment

With Castle now officially canceled, the Monday night slot at 10pm is now free.  Maybe it’s because the heart of Castle really ended in season seven, but I found myself curious about the show that would be replacing it. It turns out that show is Conviction – which stars Hayley Atwell from the sadly canceled  Agent Carter. […]