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Dec 18, 17   admin   0 Comment

I was a few tired of the old layout so, thanks to my sister, we got a new layout here! What do you think?? I really love this one and hope that you love this too, love the header because it looks beautiful. If you find errors or have suggestions for the site, please, let […]

Aug 01, 17   admin   0 Comment

I am so happy because I bought a new domain for the site, hayleyatwell.org. So, you can save this new url if you want. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you can now reach the site through either hayleyatwell.org or hayleyatwell.org. I need to say that I am so sorry for don’t […]

Feb 11, 17   admin   0 Comment

As you can see, this site got a new layout. I wanted to change the old pne because I don’t know why, I was lazy to update the site…so, maybe a new layout will help me. I need to add tons of photos, stuff, stills, shoots…so, please, come back soon to take a look to […]

Dec 24, 16   admin   0 Comment

Happy Holidays to everyone!!! One of the real joys of the Holiday Season is the opportunity to say Thank You. Thanks to all the visitors of this site. Thanks for your support, your sweet comments…. I am going to try my best with this site the next year. Adding tons of stuff, photos…Any suggestions, comments….will […]

Jun 25, 16   admin   0 Comment

Now, more than ever, I need your help to keep this site online. The past days are going hard for fansites world…Some sites are closing, not updating or thinking on close. Now, it is so difficult to get stuff for fansites and most times, you have to pay a lot. Simply, I can’t do it […]

May 24, 16   admin   0 Comment

Hello there! I found someone that is selling some great stuff of Hayley Atwell. I would like to get this to share here with you all but, the problem…is too much money…, I got some but still need a few more. So, if you want to help me to do this possible, please, write me […]

Mar 08, 16   admin   0 Comment

Thanks for my sister and Kaci, I got a new layout here. I really love the colors and the style and it looks awesome. What do you think? If you find errors or whatever, please, let me know. Also, I am working to add some great photos in a few days. Do you want any […]

Feb 11, 16   admin   2 Comments

I am so happy today! Thanks to my host Flaunt, and his new section Extras.Flaunt.nu, I got a new and free gallery layout here! I really love the new design, what do you think? If you have a fansite and you are looking for a host, contact Flaunt to get free wordpress and coppermine layouts… […]