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I added some new stills of Hayley Atwell from Agent Carter Season 2 – Episode 4. You can go to the gallery to take a look and enjoy!

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“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×04 – Smoke & Mirrors (Episode Stills)

The highly anticipated return of Marvel’s Agent Carter debuts tonight and we’re currently counting down the minutes until our next adrenaline-pumping mission, but this time in a brand new setting. Peggy, Jarvis and the rest of our beloved SSR agents are headed to the West Coast in season two to fight crime and corruption amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

So to help get you even more excited for the action-packed premiere, ET hit the Agent Carter set to get the exclusive scoop straight from Hayley Atwell about Peggy’s blossoming love life, her strengthened relationship with Jarvis, and Dottie’s “brilliant and brutal” return.

We are gearing up for season two of Agent Carter! What can fans expect with this big move to L.A.?
Hayley Atwell:
Yeah, that’s the biggest kind of change for this season and with L.A. comes a lot of natural sunlight and I think that’s having an effect on everyone. The one person that is suffering though is Jarvis. She arrives by plane to L.A. and he picks her up with an umbrella trying to shield her from the sun and he’s in a full woolen outfit and he complains that palm trees are useless because they provide no shelter and why does everyone eat avocado with everything. So immediately you’re re-introduced to the relationship between Peggy and Jarvis and it’s something that is even strengthened even more so this season.

Speaking of Jarvis, we’re finally going to meet his wife this season! What can you tease about his relationship with Ana?
As you can expect from James’ character of Jarvis, he’s a very moral and British, stiff upper lip gentleman and his relationship with Ana is impeccable. It’s incredibly polite, it’s based on a good set of values and morals and I think it’s something that Peggy herself aspires to have in her life.

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I added some stills from Agent Carter: Season 2, Episode 3. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos.

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“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×03 – Better Angels (Episode Stills)

I added the first episode stills of Agent Carter Season 2 to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

Gallery Links:
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×02 – A View in the Dark (Episode Stills)
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > 2×01 – The Lady in the Lake (Episode Stills)

I added 2 new photos of Hayley Atwell from ‘Agent Carter: Season 2’ to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

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“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > Photoshoot
“Agent Carter” (2015-2016) > Season 2 (2016) > Posters

Putting the matter of national concern on the front, the Season 2 premiere of ABC’s hit crime drama TV series “Agent Carter” has been given a new release date. To give way for the State of the Union address, the Hayley Atwell-starred series will now return on air this Jan. 19.

While on delay, fans can busy themselves figuring out what might happen in the new season of the Marvel TV show with the given titles for the first three episodes of Season 2.

Shared over at SpoilerTV.com, the titles are:

Episode 1: “The Lady in the Lake”

Episode 2: “A View in the Dark”

Episode 3: “Better Angels”

As what might have already been known, the new season will kick off with two episodes. The segments are expected to find Peggy ditching the busy life of New York for the “glitz and glamour” of the post-war Los Angeles, California.

Despite the sunny and inviting weather of the Golden Coast, the Strategic Scientific Reserve operative will be busy figuring out the new threats which, in the first place, called her to the location.

Joined by the trusty valet, Jarvis (James D’Arcy), the duo will find themselves entangled in the mystery of the Darkforce as well as dealing with new characters like the nascent Madam Masque (Wynn Everett). The new setting, all the while, will also find Peggy become involved with a handful of interesting love interests.

Viewers should also be delighted to meet the newcomers on the show like Lotte Verbeek, who will play as Ana, Jarvis’ wife. Other new cast members include Currie Graham (as Calvin Chadwick), Reggie Austin (as Jason Wilkes), Kurtwood Smith (as Vernon Masters), and Ken Marino (as Joseph Manfredi).

Joining the aforementioned actors are the Season 1 mainstays like Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa, and Chad Michael Murray as Jack Thompson.

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First magazine from 2016 is online and I added the scans of Hayley Atwell to the gallery.

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2016 Magazines & Scans > SFX Magazine (February 2016)