June 14th, 2015   Author: admin   Gallery

Just a small update to let you know that I added some new promotional stills, posters…from Hayley’s movies and tv series. I still need to add tons of stuff to the gallery and I will do within the next days.

Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell

Gallery Links:
TV Series

June 6th, 2015   Author: admin   Gallery

I added some new photos of Hayley Atwell to the gallery so, you can go there to take a look and enjoy!

Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell

Gallery Links:
CTV Upfront 2015 Presentation
Cleveland Indians and Kansas City Royals Game

May 30th, 2015   Author: admin   Gallery

Hayley Atwell attends Disney Media Disribution International Upfronts at Walt Disney Studios on May 17, 2015 in Burbank, California. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos and enjoy!

Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell

Gallery Link:
Disney Media Distribution International Upfronts

May 30th, 2015   Author: admin   Agent Carter - News

ABC’s “Agent Carter” Season 2 will soon be hitting your TV screens but this time, it will be in a new location; in trendy L.A. as reported by ABC officials.

In a recent panel interview at Comicpalooza in Houston, it was reported, that Hayley Atwell, the show’s main star who plays ‘Peggy’ aka ‘Agent Carter’, stated the setting of Season 2 would take place within the “glamorous dark world of 1940’s Los Angeles.”

Atwell, also mentioned that Season 2 would consist of 10 episodes, as compared to Season 1 which only had 8 episodes in airing altogether.

The young actress also had talked about her role and described her character ‘Peggy’ as being emotionally grieved over her love interest, ‘Steve Rogers,’ also famously known as “Captain America.” A role portrayed by Chris Evans in the movie, “The Winter Soldier”.

Atwell continued to quote herself by saying, “She’s grieved over Steve and she’s now about to embark on a new adventure in her life. So she’s in a much better place. So in terms of where she is, it’s going to be a lot lighter for her; there’s going to be more humor for her, more warmth. She’s not struggling so much with her identity.’

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May 30th, 2015   Author: admin   Agent Carter - News

Despite low ratings and a high price tag, a mass of critical acclaim and, most likely, desire by Marvel to not see a show “fail” has led ABC to officially announce a renewal for the Hayley Atwell starring Captain America spin-off, Agent Carter. Set to serve as another event-series filler for the break of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. next winter, the best thing ABC could do for the series at this point is make sure it’s easily accessible this summer to new viewers in order to hopefully increase the show’s awareness later in the 2015/2016 television season.

Of all the Marvel shows on the alphabet network’s slate, Carter was always the one that had the least chance of seeing a life beyond its initial season. In addition to the low ratings and high price tag listed above, ABC stuck true to the idea of the season being an “event” that featured a self-contained story, and that meant there was no narrative reason to continue Peggy’s journey. Everything we needed to know, we knew, and the cliff-hanger at the end can just as easily be answer by a second season of the show as much it can by watching the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

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April 28th, 2015   Author: admin   Gallery

Hayley Atwell attends C2E2 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place on April 25, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos and enjoy!

Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell

Gallery Link:
2015 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo – Day 2

April 7th, 2015   Author: admin   Agent Carter - News

Hayley Atwell (“Captain America: The Winter Soldier”) attended the 2015 Jameson Empire Awards and presented the award for best Male Newcomer. While she was there she was asked about the status of Agent Carter airing in the UK.

“I think it will later on in the year,” Hayley Atwell said. “There is a really chance that the UK is going to get it. There must be a slight bidding war for the channel at the moment. Fingers crossed it won’t be too long.”

All 8 episode of Marvel’s Agent Carter mini-series have aired stateside on ABC, but for fans across the pond they’ll have to hold their breathe as the show doesn’t currently have a UK broadcaster. The UK’s Channel 4, which aired Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., already said they have no interest in acquiring the rights to Agent Carter.

Listen to Hayley’s comments on Agent Carter in the video below, starting at the 2-minute mark. [Source]

March 31st, 2015   Author: admin   Gallery

Hayley Atwell attends the Jameson Empire Awards 2015 at Grosvenor House, on March 29, 2015 in London, England. You can go to the gallery to take a look to the photos and enjoy!

Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell Hayley Atwell

Gallery Links:
Jameson Empire Awards 2015 – Portraits
Jameson Empire Awards 2015 – Winners Room
Jameson Empire Awards 2015 – Awards Show
Jameson Empire Awards 2015 – Drinks Reception
Jameson Empire Awards 2015
March 29th, 2015

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