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Hayley Atwell is astoundingly famous on the Internet for her portrayal of Peggy Carter. From Twitter to Facebook, everyone is clamoring for an Agent Carter season 3 announcement.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong the internet loves a celebrity, online raves just aren’t enough to save certain shows. It happened with Firefly and it might happen to Agent Carter, because the sad reality is that if widescale viewership is low, networks are bound to pull the plug on a program.

Agent Carter season 3 was almost always shaky, starting when Atwell announced that she will star in a lead role in another ABC program, the legal drama Conviction. And while both Atwell and the network have expressed their desire to keep both her commitments as Agent Peggy Carter and her new show, it’s not looking like a priority considering Agent Carter’s low numbers. Moreover, many fans saw her commitment with Conviction as a sign that she’s ready to start moving on from her life as Peggy.

With regards to the ratings, Fansided reported that the season 2 finale attracted only 2.35 million viewers. This is only roughly a third of the number who came and watched the series premiere last January 2015. But another reason for the dire fate of season 3 is that Marvel’s coming up with another program which could take the spotlight from Agent Carter: “Marvel’s Most Wanted.” [Source]

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Season 2 of “Agent Carter” finished with a cliffhanger as Thompson was shot by an unknown assailant as he was gearing to go back to New York City. Given the ending, fans assume that the Marvel produced TV show will come back with a brand new season. Unfortunately, Hayley Atwell who plays the lead role as Peggy Carter has also booked another role in the upcoming ABC drama “Conviction,” which makes the future of “Agent Carter” uncertain.

“That’s something ABC has talked about a lot [with me],” Atwell revealed to The Hollywood Reporter. “If [‘Conviction’ and ‘Agent Carter’ season 3] both got picked up, then we’d work out some way where I could do both.”

But, Atwell was also candid on the possibility of “Agent Carter” no longer returning to the small screen saying that with the ending that it has, the show has a perfect platform for a next installment. However, if not, she still thinks that the finale is quite satisfying.

“If anything, they’ll come away satisfied but also curious as to what happens beyond, because thanks to all the Marvel films she has appeared in, we know that Peggy’s life goes on and she lives quite an extraordinary life and a long life. So there’s always room to revisit her in different ways, different decades and different ages,” the actress explained.

Atwell who has both donned the big and small screen adaptations of Marvel comic books is also set to play another character named Carter in “Convinction.” This time, however, she is Carter Morrison, a former first daughter who is forced to be the chief of the newly established Conviction Unit of Los Angeles. While the new character does not seem to be far from Agent Carter, the 33-year-old British actress is still looking forward to go back in time playing the snarky and highly capable agent of SSR adding that the writers have done an amazing job in the last two seasons.

“If we get the opportunity to work on it again, then brilliant. Because then I’m sure I’ll have even more fun working on it than I did in season two which was a lot,” Atwell gushed. [Source]

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